Old Gray - Wolves (Acoustic)

Crying to this lmao

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Pianos Become The Teeth | Filial

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Van Robbery



Yesterday something awful happened. Our van was robbed as it sat in a heavily trafficked parking lot in the middle of a hot, bright, San Antonio day. The lock on our rear passenger door was pried open, and our gear and personal items tossed into a Grey Chevy Suburban that drove away only minutes…

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It’s apparently impossible for all the girls I’m digging on to like me back idk do I smell or something idgi am I that annoying


Belly soft, thighs soft, titties soft.

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i dont like how things change

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You said, “when you have given so much, so little remains.

like a wound that will never heal, all that’s left is to wait”

I Would Have Stolen You A Whole Orchestra - Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)

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Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) | It Was Your Heart That Saved You

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You thought I was someone you knew
Looking down to me from your balcony view

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The world is a beautiful place, but we have to make it that way. 
Whenever you find home, we’ll make it more than just a shelter. 
And if everyone belongs there it will hold us all together. 
If you’re afraid to die, then so am I.

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